13 New WordPress Vimeo Plugins for 2016

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YouTube is not the only video community, as there are also other contenders over the internet. Vimeo is one of them which is as popular as YouTube, and it’s known because of its cool UI.
Embedding a video uploaded to Vimeo doesn’t require any plugin to work with, but still if you’re looking to get better features and more functionalities, then going with a plugin is the best solution.
So, here today I’m writing this compilation of best Vimeo WordPress plugins. These are the best picks, based on their popularity, reviews, and ratings.
Let’s see if any of these plugins can fit in with the specific requirements you have.
#1 Vimeography

It’s a highly recommended plugin, and it can publish the Vimeo videos in a more interactive way than normal. It is free to sue and is updated to work with the modern WordPress version. The plugin requires no setup and it can be used whenever needed. Everything is lightweight and ready to work with mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
Plugin highlights:

It can automatically add videos uploaded to a user account on the platform, and fetch the published details.
It allows setting a featured video to appear as the first one in the gallery. Yes, it packs specific customizations for sharing unlimited galleries.
It packs built-in caching mechanisms to boost the page load speed, even with a video embedded on the page.
It packs few custom themes that can be used to tweak the appearance of the individual video or a gallery.

Full Details & Download
#2 Youtube Vimeo Popup Plugin

It’s an extremely simple plugin which does a specific thing. It attaches a video to a particular element on a webpage which when clicked, can pop-up the video from YouTube or Vimeo and it starts playing. The plugin supports all web browsers and is also responsive. There are no other features or functionalities included the package, and you need to buy it for about $4 from CodeCanyon platform. Do check its live preview to see how exactly it works.
Full Details & Download | Demo
#3 Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo

If simplicity isn’t the only thing you are looking for and require a lot of functionalities, then check out our third contender, which is currently a trending product at CodeCanyon platform. It’s a premium product supporting both YouTube and Vimeo platforms, and it adds a fully functional video player onto a webpage. It supports touchscreen devices and properly supports the touch inputs. The plugin packs five skins and even include a skin generator. Social media sharing options are also integrated and everything is compatible to work with the latest WordPress script version.
Plugin highlights:

The layout it offers is responsive ensuring proper functionality of video elements on the smartphones and tablets.
Every element is compatible to work with multiple web browsers including Safari and Internet Explorer.
The admin interface is simple and straightforward, allowing the webmaster to quickly understand it and use it for the benefits.
The player it embeds to the website can handle both videos and images.

Full Details & Download
#4 Vimeo Master

Our next recommendation is developed using the minimal code and that too using HTML5. It clearly means that the plugin is extremely lightweight, extremely modern, secure, and totally responsive to work on smartphones and tablets other than the traditional laptops and desktops. The free version gets the job done for every minimum requirement but if you’re looking for advanced options, then there is also a paid one available, wrapping premium add-ons. The plugin uses a custom framework from the developer which promises better speed and stability.
Plugin highlights:

It packs custom widgets and even includes a bunch of Shortcodes.
It allows changing the title and description of the video which is shown on your website but picked from the Vimeo.
It allows sharing a profile, and a proper connection can be maintained, allowing you to list a specific user.

Full Details & Download | Demo
#5 Fluid Video Embeds

If you are a getting a weird error while embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video, i.e., video not adjusting to the screen size of a mobile device, then this is the particular plugin that can help. It doesn’t offer any other feature and thus, is extremely simple and lightweight. You should use this plugin if the native theme isn’t handling the responsiveness request, as it can adjust the full-width videos to match the aspect ratio of a particular smartphone or tablet. It is available for free, and there is no pricing involved, at all.
Full Details & Download
#6 WordPress Vimeo videos

This is the last recommendation which can be used for free, initially but to gain the premium add-ons and functionalities; you need to pay. It primary supports Vimeo platform and make sure every video from the platform is perfectly integrated with the WordPress website. It allows embedding a single video using its title and even the bulk videos which can be imported either on automation or manually. The design part is responsive and super elegant to work on all smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads. For this plugin to work properly, you need to register on the Vimeo, have a proper account and then mention those details into the plugin. The premium version also brings priority support from the developer.
Plugin highlights:

It supports HTML5 video player, ensuring the elements stay lightweight and totally modern.
It allows putting different themes for playlists.
It allows importing a custom post and publish it directly with a single or multiple videos from the platform.
It packs a built-in widget for showcasing the latest videos.

Full Details & Download
#7 WordPress Social Stream

Full Details & Download
#8 Vimeo SEO user playlist for WordPress

Full Details & Download
#9 Video SEO for WordPress plugin

Full Details & Download
#10 fw-vimeo-videowall

Full Details & Download
#11 Social Network Tabs For WordPress

Full Details & Download
#12 TubePress

Full Details & Download
#13 Video Onclick

Full Details & Download

Finally, these were the best Vimeo plugins for WordPress. Most of them will be offering similar features because it’s not much you can do here. Still, you need to pick the one which is exactly matching the situation on your side. Also, do check the WordPress version compatibility before hitting the Install button. Don’t forget to share it with all your online friends, so that they can also utilise the benefits of this platform. Peace!
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