14 Best WordPress Wiki Plugins to Create Wikipedia-style website

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Creating a Wiki website using the WordPress platform is as simple as, running a blog. All you require is a dedicated plugin that can offer you the required functionalities.
And, to help you with that, here I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress Wiki plugins. Each of these plugins is capable of creating a wiki base, or a knowledge base, where users can quickly find the answers to their queries.
I’ll be listing both free and premium options over here; that will help you decide as per the budget. Let’s start with our options now.
Before you start, if you can note down a rough idea of requirements then all you need to do, is start the matchmaking process to pick the best one. Simple, right?

 WikiWiki WordPressEncyclopedia / Glossary / WikiUserPressWP Wiki Userprofile

Price$0 (paid add-ons)$39$0 (paid add-ons)$34$0


Ease of use8/108/108/107/108/10

Works with current theme?YesYesYesYesYes



To help you use the best WordPress Wikipedia Plugin we have compiled the data in this table to make it easy to compare your options. Be sure to keep scrolling down for more detail on each plugin mentioned.

#1 Wiki

Once you start using this plugin, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s available without any price. Well, there is also a premium version of the plugin which you can buy to get upgraded functionalities and dedicated support from the developer. And, it’s a product from WPMUdev. Does it ring any bell? It works with most of the themes and can quickly transform a normal website or blog into a total Wiki. Other than the required functionalities, the prime attraction is the visuals. I liked this plugin during my testing but for some reasons it hasn’t got better ratings. You should check out if it works for you or not.
Plugin highlights:

It is available with compatibility for WordPress MultiSite install and can help you manage more than just one site from a single Dashboard.
The pro feature allows users to edit the posts, which ensures a proper wiki is developed.
It even keeps a record of the post revisions, allowing the webmaster to restore a particular one quickly.
It comes with proper documentation where the beginner can find all the help to get this plugin setup.

Full Details & Download
#2 Wiki WordPress Plugin

It’s a trending product at CodeCanyon and is developed by an Elite Author at the platform. Clearly, it’s the number one selling knowledge base plugin at that platform and looking at the features, functionalities, and the visuals, it truly deserves the attention. It can be used to create either a knowledge base or a simple Wiki store, where users can edit the post, whenever they want. It comes with premium features like drag & drop article and category reorder and few more. In simple words, it can help you setup a 24/7 available website that is open for live inputs, and corrections, and that too via any registered user.
Plugin highlights:

It keeps a track of visits and even allows visitors to vote a particular article.
It comes with multiple layout options and even includes Shortcode, specifically developed for our niche.
The design part is responsive ensuring proper functioning of the website on mobile devices.
It comes with Live Search feature with a bunch of other customizations, helping the visitors to find a result quickly.

Full Details & Download
#3 Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki

Other than Wiki, if you’re looking to create a total encyclopedia or a dictionary or a knowledge base, this particular plugin is best to make that happen. It can even handle the Glossary requirements, ensuring a fully functioning dictionary is being built and managed. The plugin is simple to use with tons of customization and functionalities available under the package. Few premium (paid) options are also available, which you can use if in need of those extensions. Moreover, it works perfectly with the official WordPress Importer tool.
Plugin highlights:

It comes with a built-in search tool, which is powerful enough to bring instant results from hundreds of entries in the database.
The plugin supports WordPress Menus and even the RSS feeds.
It supports excerpts and featured images, which both increases the visual content of the homepage.
With the included files, the plugin makes the website completely translatable, and it even supports WPML plugin.

Full Details & Download
#4 UserPress

It’s a one-stop solution for everything you need in this particular niche. Once installed, it can create a Wiki section on our website which is customizable and editable from the front and back ends. It even supports testimonials and interviews kind of posts which can be quickly published in a specific format. It converts your website into an online community where users can register, and you are even allowed to put some restrictions whenever needed.
Plugin highlights:

It keeps track of the changes made in the post, and the manager can handle the restore work.
It packs a Live Search tool which helps the website to find an existing similar page quickly when a user is creating a new (similar) one.
A Flag system is also present, allowing the visitors to report a content quickly and keep the website all cleaned.
It comes with six months of dedicated support from the developer and is also compatible to work with modern WordPress version.

Full Details & Download
#5 Wp Wiki Userprofile

It’s not a fully functional blog, and it can’t help you run a proper Wiki website, but if you’re already having some existing functionalities related to our niche, then this plugin can add an essential functionality. Once installed, it allows the webmaster to pull a user profile from the Wikipedia and bring his/her contribution to your website. It works on automation once you’re aware of the user profile. Cool, right?
Plugin highlights:

It comes with built-in support for Widgets.
It does supports the concept and functionality of Shortcode.
The plugin is super light in weight and easy to use.

Full Details & Download
#6 Wiki Pro

Full Details & Download
#7 Yada Wiki

Full Details & Download

#8 WelcomeWiki Lite

Full Details & Download
#9 Pencil Wiki

Full Details & Download
#10 WP Wiki Tooltip

Full Details & Download
#11 Tag Wiki for WordPress

Full Details & Download
#12 WordPress Wiki

Full Details & Download
#13 Better-Wiki-Links

Full Details & Download
#14 Wiki Embed

Full Details & Download
If you were confused when you arrived at this compilation, I do hope that it was helpful enough to get you out of the trouble. Let us know the feedback as it will help us improve further and if you’re aware of any other WordPress wiki worthy plugin which we missed, then let us know about it in the discussion section. Peace!
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