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PDF is a universal platform for sharing documents and it has been popular since years. By default, there is no support for this particular format within WordPress.
But, you can definitely add it, thanks to the available plugins or extensions. Here, I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress PDF viewer plugins today.
Each of these can implement the required support for this particular format and that too without writing any code. It will be simple and straight.
So, let’s have a look at the best options we have.
PDF viewer for WordPress

Let’s start with a premium plugin which can take care of not just implementing this required functionality but can also bring related features to the table. It comes with feature rich Admin Panel that can let you quickly make available changes. It is ready for translation, supporting up to 100+ languages. Moreover, it supports Google Analytics, and allow tracking of the performance. The developer is offering six months of dedicated support which is included in the package.
Plugin highlights:

It supports features like print, download, zoom, and even the social sharing is integrated.
The whole layout around the plugin is responsive and is compatible with all known web browsers, for both PC and mobile platforms.
It displays the PDF files just like Adobe Reader does, keeping things familiar for the users.
It allows embedding a file anywhere on a page or send via email and customise it with personalised logo.

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Google Doc Embedder

It’s one of the most popular free plugins offering the features we’re specifically looking here. It adds this functionality so well, that the browser doesn’t require any Flash or PDF browser plug-ins to make things work. Other than the PDF format, it also works with all known MS Office file formats, offering a helpful extension. Moreover, it uses the Google Docs Viewer, which is widely known for its premium service at no cost.
Plugin highlights:

It can open and let the user view files from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and even Autodesk or AutoCad.
It supports Scalable Vector Graphics and PostScript formats.
It can even take care of the Archive files available in either ZIP or RAR formats.
It is available in 10 internationally known languages and supports translation among them.

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WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

As you must have judged from the name here, it’s a WooCommerce compatible plugin which can be used to generate invoices and packing slips which are usually in PDF format. These files are created automatically which are later available for download or can be sent to the users via email. If configured, PDF invoices are attached automatically to the products. It packs fully customizable HTML and CSS made invoice templates, which further saves time, efforts and money. It allows inserting header image or logo, set the paper size to A4 or letter, and customize the data, footer area, disclaimer and other details which are part of packing slips and invoices.
Plugin highlights:

The plugin is translation ready, keeping the functionality available for global standard.
It allows extensions which are all paid ones, but can be used to further extend the functionalities.
It keeps a sequence number of invoice numbers with custom formatting.
All the invoices for a particular user are made available under My Account section.

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Print Friendly and PDF Button
It’s an extremely simple and lightweight plugin which implements a functionality that supports PDF files, allow users to view them, and later, Print those files by clicking a button which is implemented by the same. It offers features which are related to these two prime functionalities and believe me, it’s extremely easy to use. It supports over dozens of internationally known languages and active translation between each. The print button is offered some configuration which can be tweaked to deliver a custom solution. For example, you can set to remove images from getting printed.
Plugin highlights:

It holds an on-page Lightbox which keeps the visual experience to a user-friendly level.
It allows keeping the print button at a precise location, selecting its margin, alignment, and specific location on a page or post.
Even the PDF button is customizable, as it allows changing the text or graphics around it.

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PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce

It’s a premium product which is specially designed for WooCommerce, and it’s currently trending at CodeCanyon platform. The product is extremely easy to use and is ready to use, out-of-the-box. Multiple templates are offered in the package which can be used to get started quickly. Powerful Admin Panel is available behind-the-scene, allowing the webmaster to quickly bring a possible functional or visual change. It can support high-resolution images within the PDF files and even allows creating PDF files via HTML.
Plugin highlights:

It supports WPML plugin and is ready with multilingual stores, keeping itself ready for the global crowd.
It can implement user roles restrictions keeping the files away from unauthorised access.
It packs a built-in widget for quickly implementing a PDF download button.
It doesn’t require support from any external code, as it’s completely built to function on its own.

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GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud

It’s a free plugin which works initially for free, but once you login with the Cloud API, you need to pick a paid plan to keep the functionalities working. It works on its own, keeping itself free from dependency on any external code. The PDF files and other documents are displayed in the best possible display quality. Moreover, the layout is responsive and is compatible with cross-browsers, keeping the elements available on smartphones and tablets.
Plugin highlights:

The UI is convenient, offering an easy to use interface for users to quickly understand and interact with.
It supports almost every document format known popularity among the users.
It also offers proper navigation while interacting with multi-page documents.

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PDF WordPress Flipbook
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PDF Light Viewer

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PDF Embedder
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Vanilla PDF Embed
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Print Friendly and PDF Button
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WordPress Backend Posts to PDF Plugin
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PDF Image Generator
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Gravity PDF
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WP Post to PDF Enhanced
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Let us know the particular selection you’re making in order to implement the PDF support within WordPress site. Your feedback is important for us and it will also help other users to make a specific selection. Don’t forget to share this compilation with all your social networks. Peace!
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