21+ Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2016

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We’ve covered various topic around the subject of WordPress SEO giving you tips and pointers and how we can make your website search friendly. With suggested themes that are SEO ready and gave optimization advice on how to improve your website site speed which is excellent for user experience but also a welcome change by the search engines.
However, in this article will be covering the best WordPress SEO plugins to help you create a blog that is search engine optimized to help you grow your organic traffic and reach more users. I have said this many times, and I’ll say it again that WordPress by default is quite search friendly as it allows of search bots to crawl your website. The default URL slugs that comes with WordPress is not the most user-friendly as it gives no hints or point as the what the page might be about. However, you don’t need a plugin to change the URL structure, these WordPress plugins for SEO will help to edit the URL structure, the meta title, meta description and also meta keywords if you wish to use that feature.
The recommended plugins below will also help you generate an XML sitemap to help bots easily navigate your website and determine the structure and page layer.
I have been in the SEO industry for well over six years now, and the landscape has changed dramatically to how things were back then to the current situation. I’ve been able to watch several Google updates and marketers that changing their tactics from Shady backlinking strategies to focusing on serving your users all in keeping with Google webmaster guidelines.

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Some of the plugins that I’ll be mentioning below will help to integrate a schema.org snippets into your site. Which allows you to display rating, film viewing times, location, contact number, product price and much more within the search engine. To Provide users with more actionable information to make an informed decision. We all know local Search is critical and has to be treated slightly different from everyday SEO optimization, for example, you might need it clearly to display your Company address telephone number and contact details to help Google determine where your business is based on providing users with a list of local businesses.
So without further ado let’s have a look at the best SEO plugins for WordPress.
Yoast SEO

Over a million WordPress users use Yoast WordPress SEO plugins which is by far the most popular and most robust plugin out there. With every update, the user experience seems to improve, and the featuring functionality list keeps going with the removal of unwanted features the impact the plug-in has on your site speed wise is produced each time. Yoast SEO allows you to do many things such as incorporating Facebook open graph, Twitter cards, and Google Plus integration. You also have the ability to verify your webmaster from Google, Bing and Yandex directly from this plugin which is perfect for those that doesn’t want to edit the code on their site to add the snippet in which is required to verify your website. What’s great about this plugin is it gives you feedback on your content informing you on the readability level and SEO pointers such as adding your targeted keywords throughout the content and much more tips. This plugin is also great for beginners and advanced users alike and is one of my number one recommended plugins to install on every WordPress powered site. Yoast SEO helps you add a breadcrumb trail to improve the user experience and the display the navigational path and the search engine.
It gives you control over editing your .htaccess and robots.txt
Plugin Highlights

An import and export functionality which is Perfect if you have multiple blogs that you can easily import the setting across the different blogs.
Compatible with WordPress multi-site to ensure the individual blogs on the multi-site is also optimized.
RSS optimization to help keep your RSS feed up to date and well optimized


I personally use this tool to increase the ranking of all my websites. This is one of those tools that all the pros use to gain massive amount of traffic. SEM Rush could be likened to a Swiss Army knife in the search engine industry as it gives you keyword analysis based on your competitors at URL. It also empowers you to see the ads that your competitors are running so you can create a similar if not better campaign. What I also love about this tool is the keyword research function which allows me to quickly find high traffic keywords with the low competition which dramatically increases my chance of ranking.
As I’m typing this, I’m in the middle of creating an in-depth guide of how I use this tool to drive well over a million visits to my website every year.
The tool speaks for itself; it is paid however it’s paid off ten folds for me personally, and I urge you to try the 14-day trial. And leave a comment below to let me know how you get on?
Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack gives you an array of features that packed into one plugin it provides you with minification of CSS and JS compression to help improve the page speed of your website. Used by thousands of paying customers with the average rating of just over 4 out of 5 it’s a plugin worth a look at. It comes up with on page optimization which you can not edit individually or with the mass optimization component you’re able to bulk optimize your WordPress posts and pages. As with squirrel SEO you get a SERP tracking and competitive analysis tool to track your position and performance. XML sitemap can be generated automatically in which you can then submit that the major search engines for all your web pages get found. Pulling your traffic stats from Google Analytics so you can see what’s happening on your website without having to leave your WordPress dashboard. No one likes 404 pages your users don’t and search bots doesn’t with Premium Pack SEO you can monitor and redirect users to the most relevant pages in which there was a 404 error. Premium SEO Pack also allows use to bulk submit your website to different directories I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s an outdated tactic, but you’re more than welcome to use it.
You can also keep track of your social network size and growth rate. The link builder tool is integrated, and can help interlink your content and a mass scale perfect those with a lot of pages. Alt tag optimization is also included to give your website SEO friendly images to bring in extra traffic from the search engines. With the 301 redirect module, you can easily with redirect any pages internally or out of your website.
Plugin highlights

Rich snippets integration to help give you more exposure within the search listing.
A video sitemap can also be generated excellence evolve with a heavily video base website.
Local SEO is also integrated to help inside your business on the map.

All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack is another one of those plugins that’s been around since 2007, and over a million users also use it. I used this plugin in the past but switch to Yoast SEO mainly because of the user interface but ultimately on the technical side they do the same thing. However, if you are a new WordPress user, then a probably suggest using Yoast SEO. This plugin also allows users to generate an XML sitemap in which you can submit to Bing and Yahoo to improve the craw ability of your website. If you’re running a custom theme with custom post types, then you’ll be happy to know that All in one SEO pack supports custom post types to help those pages be optimized and tweaked. One of the coolest features of this plugin is that it automatically things search engines like Google and Bing once you’ve published a new post or made any changes on your website. According to the theme to the plugin author, this is the only WordPress plugin that provides full integration for e-commerce sites including Woocommerce that’s free. What’s also great to see is this plugin allows you automatically generate meta tags so if you have lazy days like me when you don’t fill in the meta description or even the meta title for All in one SEO pack will automatically display the first paragraph of your content as a meta description.
Plugin Highlights

Monitoring for duplicate content in which the plug-in will notify you.
It’s also translated into 57 different languages which is great for non-English speakers
All-in-one SEO pack allows you to integrate Google Analytics


Squirrly SEO plugin is unique in the way in which it delivers the information to you. It provides you with position tracking of your chosen targeted keywords. There is also a keywords suggestion tool which is great to help you sprinkle semantic keywords throughout your website. Other noteworthy features include a site audit to help keep your sites health in top conditions. You can also pull in copyright free images into your blog without leaving that web page. Track a single post page to see how it as performed over time.
Plugin Highlights
Weekly stats reporting on how well you are doing perfectly for helping you highlights what’s working and what isn’t.
There is a traffic light system that informs you on how optimizing your content is with suggested improvements.
It helps you create content that is enjoyable for both humans and search bots.

Redirection allows you to track and log your 404 error pages to see what users are coming in on. Then you can create a 301 redirect to improve the user experience and enhance your SEO efforts. It creates a full log of all the 404 errors that has been found on your website and allows you to set up automatic 301 redirects to the desired page. Redirection is translation ready and has already been translated into numerous of languages.

SEOPresor is another excellent WordPress SEO plugin to consider it’s packed with an array of Awesome features that you’d love and best of all it’s laid out any easy to digest manner. The feature I like most about this plugin is that it allows you to optimize a single post or page for up to 3 different keywords. So you will get lots of the use of an actionable suggestion based on your targeted keywords as such as a semantic idea and more. SEOPressor also checks that you are not over optimizing your article we could see you getting penalized by Google for over optimization another excellent feature for both beginners and advanced users. SemantiQ is built in to help you identify relevant keywords or phrases in which she should be mentioning within your content. You also get local SEO support to help your company get more exposure for local search phrases. With this plugin, you can tap into the Google Knowledge Graph which is proven to increase your click-through rate was boosting your organic traffic. You also get social media integration such as Facebook open graph and Twitter cards to ensure that your post looks so beautiful across the various social networks.
Plugin Highlights

You have the ability to link specific keywords automatically throughout your website to increase your page authority.
Track everything to see how your site is performing and a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
XML sitemap generation, 301 URL redirect, a canonical link is also included it just to name a few.


According to the plugin author this plugin as been officially discontinued and no longer works. However, the things in which its checks for such as the meta title, meta description is still relevant to this day and if you’re one of those persons who can’t remember to fill in that information. Then you can temporarily install the plug-in and until you get into the Habit of adding an Alt tags to your images, have improper headings and so on.
SEO friendly image

SEO friendly image is a simple yet popular plugin with over 200,000 active installs as many site owners loving the convenience of not having to fill in their image alt tags. We use this plug-in across all our WordPress installations simply because of ease of use and the convenience of not having to worry about your alt tags. SEO friendly image allows you to customize how to generate your alt tags for your images.

Rankie allows you to track and research keyword ideas for your blog post or post pages. You can generate reports to check over time how well your search engine efforts have been. What’s really cool about this plug-in is that it tracks all incoming keywords in which users are using to discover your website. You’re able to set up a daily email reports documenting position changes over time.
WP Social SEO booster

WP social SEO booster is a plugin which is aimed to boost your social signals and Knowledge Graph in the major search engines. It integrates with Facebook open graph, Twitter cards, and the Google rich snippet. It allows used to integrate the Google Plus authorship to inform Google that you are the blog author. Automatically add Twitter tags to increase the connections between Google, Twitter and your content. Works in conjunction with a popular SEO plugin so such as Yoast SEO, all-in-one SEO and others.
All in one schema.org rich snippets

All in one schema.org rich snippets is a plugin and which I would recommend you use in conjunction with plug-in like all in one SEO pack or York’s SEO. this plugin helps you boost your click-through rate in the search engine and improve your overall ranking. With All in one schema.org rich snippets you can display user rating, events times, video thumnail and more. It works perfectly with all the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and also support Facebook.
SEO Internal Links

If you’ve created a well-structured website, then you’re well on your way to increasing that your search engine rankings. Another great tip is that you also ensure that your website implements an interlinking strategy to maximize your SEO efforts. If you’re running a small blog with a few content on then, this can easily done manually However if have a larger website with hundreds of blog posts and pages with then you might want to consider using this plugin to automate the interlinking process.
What’s great about this plugin is it allows you to specify a keyword and link it to a targeted URL. You also have the option to pass a nofollow link so if you’re planning on linking externally to other websites or internally.

SEO Ultimate

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Checker

WP Video SEO

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Tool

Open Site Explorer

Wrap up
So there you have it I have shown you the best SEO plugins for WordPress to help you in your search engine mastery. I’ve tried to include a variety of tools and plugins that I used and love that you can benefit from with the implementation.
If you haven’t already, you to download my free eBook on growth hacking. Where I share, the tips and strategies are used to attract millions of visitors every year from the search engines.
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