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Choosing the best hosting for a website is a critical task. I would like to thank you for coming here to read my unbiased InMotion hosting review! 
I faced a major roadblock with my previous hosting provider, and thus I have shifted to InMotion web hosting in the month of June 2016. 
How good is InMotion hosting?
Till now, I’m completely satisfied with this affordable server service and didn’t face a single technical glitch.
Hence, today I have decided to do a review of InMotion hosting and share my experience with my readers so that it may help them decide whether to get this best WordPress hosting or not.
Let’s get into my honest viewpoints and features of InMotion hosting now!
About InMotion Hosting
InMotion hosting is one of the leading web hosting providers in the industry today. This highly reputed web hosting company provides all kinds of web hosting solutions starting from shared hosting to the reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers.

You can easily choose from the variety of these hosting solutions based on your website traffic and other requirements. However, InMotion Hosting is more popularly known for its shared hosting service, and that’s what I am subscribed to currently for my websites. 
InMotion Hosting Review
Having used the InMotion web hosting for a while now, I can assure you that it is worth every penny you invest in it.

Well, I am using it for my WordPress blogs, and I found it very easy to set up my new blog as you can easily install WordPress on your hosted domain using the scripts available on the cpanel dashboard of your hosting account.
Installing WordPress using a script is much easier and faster compared to manually setting up the WordPress yourself.
I’m very much comfortable with the user-friendly InMotion hosting cpanel features, and I utilized the option “Website Transfer Request” to move my files from my previous hosting account. 

Within two days, I get the job done from the expert technical team at free of cost, and they have intimated the completion of migration process through email.

Then, I pointed my domain name servers to InMotion hosting name servers and started using right away!
Before we move on to the complete InMotion hosting review, let’s check out some of the exciting features that you get while you opt for any hosting plan from InMotion.
Best Features of InMotion Hosting
Being in the business of web hosting for more than 15 years, the company has good experience in handling different hosting related operations as well as the infrastructure to run millions of websites smoothly in their data centers.
Established as one of the largest independently owned hosting companies in the industry, InMotion Shared Hosting is bundled with some fresh and exciting features that make it one of the best web hosting providers around.
Here are some of the top features you can enjoy with InMotion hosting

Websites are hosted in any of the two different data centers located in East Coast (Washington, DC) and West Coast (Los Angeles, CA) respectively. The data center in Los Angeles, CA is environment-friendly and the first ever Green Data Center in the city.

Get a free domain for any package you choose from the shared hosting plans. Unlike other hosting companies, InMotion hosting offers a free domain credit that can be used later, if you already own a domain while signing up.

Preinstalled WordPress with one-click set up to help you start and run your WordPress quickly.

State-of-the-art infrastructure with modern hardware technologies such as SSD-powered servers to deliver 20x faster performance to improve the server response time for all websites hosted on it.

Free site migrations from old web host to the new InMotion hosting including free daily backups.

Native WP-CLI support

Highly maintained server software with regular upgrades to tighten the security as well as the performance of the servers all the time.

Excellent customer support with 24×7 Live Chat, Phone, and Email.

90-Days full Money back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with the hosting as well as anytime money back guarantee where you can get the refund for the remaining time of your subscription length.

Max Speed Zones to boost site loads for visitors spread across different locations using peering based network and CDN.

Get InMotion Hosting Now!
Important Factors That Make It Worth Investing In InMotion Hosting
Why have I chosen the InMotion hosting service? Check the valid points that supported my judgment!
1. Superb Loading Speed
Upload speed of a website is one of the important factors used by Google and other search engines to rank sites. Hence, it was a must that my blog is hosted on a server that loads my WordPress site faster.
Well, the loading speed of the website depends on lot many factors such as page size, the number of images, and the server response. While the page size and pictures can be optimized, there’s no way you could alter the server response.
The response time of the server depends on the hardware used by the hosting company on their server setup or data centers.
Also, most of the times, hosting providers host too many domains on a single server that tampers with reserved bandwidth and slows down the response time for every website on that particular server.
Luckily, InMotion web hosting is different from these web hosting companies. It makes sure that the all the servers installed on their two data centers are fully equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as they ensure that no server is overloaded with too many domains.
The performance score of my website on speed test shows high. Also, the load time is quite satisfying considering that most of the internet users across the globe aren’t blessed with a large internet infrastructure.

So, better loading speed boosts the user-friendliness of my blog automatically and pleases the search engines as well. 
2. Incredible Uptime
Another important factor that determines the quality of a hosting service is the uptime. I would like to tell about the excellent uptime of my blogs in this InMotion review. 
Just like every other hosting provider across the web, InMotion hosting also promises 99.99% uptime on their website while you sign up for the hosting.
Most of the hosting companies I have been using in the past didn’t keep up with that promise as I often got errors like “Bandwidth Exceeded” or “Resource Limit Reached” every time there was a spike in the traffic.
With InMotion web hosting, the story is very different. While using their shared hosting service for the past four months, there was not even a single occasion of downtime recorded on my WordPress blog.
Despite having regular traffic with some spikes now and then, there wasn’t a single experience of the blog being down due to the server load or any error from the hosting end.

3. Reasonable Pricing
Pricing is something that decides whether you would like to invest in a hosting service or not. No matter how great the product is, if it is priced too high, it is unaffordable. Here’s where InMotion scores well.
Well, it may not be the cheapest shared hosting providers on the block, but it is reasonable as their basic hosting package starts as low as $5.99 per month that allows two websites and a free domain along with other features.
If you want to host more sites, then you can upgrade to the Power package at just $7.99 per month to host six websites including other features and a free domain. For having hosted countless internet sites, you can opt for Pro package at $13.99 per month.
However, more than the unusual pricing structure, the best part about InMotion shared hosting is that you get all the important features across all packages. The only difference is the number of websites allowed in each package and the number of MySQL databases.
Also, if your blog is doing well and gaining in on the web traffic, then you could always use the upgrade option to “Double the Resources” for just $2.00.
Well, I never felt the need to use it because as per my InMotion shared hosting review so far there hasn’t been a single instance where I got any notification from the hosting team or an error message on the website regarding limited resources.
In addition to that, you also get a good share of WordPress support, if you choose to run your blog on WordPress platform. The WP support includes free themes, easy one-click install, and upgrades, etc.
I purchased the one year Power plan of InMotion hosting and hosted two of my blogs in it. Both works well, and I’m well-pleased with its price affordability. 
Check The Best InMotion Hosting Plan For Your Site
4. Excellent Customer Support
Next factor is the InMotion hosting support team. With 24×7 live chat and email support, InMotion hosting is all geared to solve all your queries as early as possible.
Being exclusively offering a fully US-based support, the users don’t have to deal with third-party customer representatives, which is most common with other hosting companies.
You can also talk to their customer representative using the toll-free phone support for a quick solution.
I have been advised by the support team to check their “Knowledge Base” section, which is an essential guide that every newbie can follow to understand how to manage basic setup process as well as handle other necessary queries.
I interacted several times with the chat support, and I got perfect & helpful replies every time. Besides, I didn’t wait in the queue for a long time. There are well attentive and provide quick solutions for my requirements. 
How InMotion Protected My New Blog?
Recently, I have started a new blog and hosted in the InMotion server. It’s hardly one-month-old blog with very few blog posts. 
A month before, when I logged into its WordPress account, I was shocked to read the message from InMotion says “Due to the hacker attack attempts, we have temporarily disabled your WordPress login.”
Then, I immediately contacted the support team, and they confirmed that they had seen some unusual activities through WordPress login, and hence they deactivated the login. 
They asked me to wait for 30 minutes to get the lock released. But I was still unable to log in 
Then, again I interacted with the InMotion hosting support, and they guided me to whitelist my IP Address through cPanel and remove the lock. 
After that, I have changed my login credentials and login URL as well. 
Pricing Plans of InMotion Web Hosting 
InMotion hosting offers almost all types of hosting services like Business hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, Reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, and managed hosting.
The shared hosting works well with the popular content management system like WordPress, Joomla & so on and it is suitable for static websites, blogs, and custom applications. 
Have a look at the shared pricing plan details of InMotion hosting!

If you’re a website designer or a developer, you may opt the VPS hosting service from InMotion as it equipped with cloud features, free server management, live-state snapshots and much more.
Look at the VPS hosting pricing plan details of InMotion!

If you’re an enterprise or a serious business who would like to focus on your business rather than handling the technical aspects of your website, you may consider getting the Dedicated Servers or Managed hosting from InMotion hosting. 
My Verdict About The Review Of InMotion Hosting
Finally, my verdict on InMotion web hosting is very positive as I have till now never faced a single issue or any downtime for my blogs. 
The transfer process for my blog from the previous host was quite easy to handle as well as the blog set up on InMotion hosting account was simple, to begin with.
The performance of my blog’s loading speed has improved eventually as well as the traffic, including the regular spikes, is handled quite well by the company.
Thus, I strongly recommend InMotion hosting for the passionate WordPress users as it could offer the best and fast server service which is indeed needed.
So, What is your opinion about my InMotion hosting review 2016? Would you like to get a quick loading WordPress site with this reliable hosting service? 
Which hosting service are your using? Are you satisfied with its performance? Kindly share your viewpoints and hosting experiences in the comment section. 
Also, check my honest opinion about InMotion hosting in a summary format below!
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