Let’s Talk About Facebook Ads

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The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Many businesses have transitioned from traditional advertising to digital advertising over the past couple years, and for a great reason. It’s no secret that the majority of individuals are browsing through some form of social media daily, so why not market your business where the masses occupy? There are several social media platforms to advertise on, and I will be touching on Facebook Ads specifically.
Do Facebook Ads Really Work?
If your target audience uses Facebook as a primary means of digital socialization, you should really consider running some Facebook Ads to reach a larger audience. Whether you want to direct people to your website, gain more page Likes, direct individuals to a specific campaign, or boost a specific post, Facebook offers a variety of advertising tools you can utilize to increase community engagement and interactivity. If you just created a business page and/or have very few page Likes, consider starting out with a Like Campaign. We have experience in boosting business pages where they can gain over 500 Likes in a month!
Start Off With A/B Testing
I won’t go too in depth with the A/B Testing strategy, but I will summarize it and will post a more in depth blog in the future. When I talk about using A/B Testing for Facebook Advertising, I am referring to creating 2 separate ad campaigns on a single message. So if you ran a Like Campaign, you could use similar content for both versions but use a different image for each. This will allow you to monitor both versions of the advertisement to see which is performing the best after some time. Once you see which version is performing better, you can stop the second version and push the best version to run for the remainder of the time.
Analyzing Data From A/B Testing
Now that you have a better understanding of A/B Testing, let’s go into what you can do with the data you have gathered. Facebook allows you to monitor ads via their Facebook Ads Manager App. Through this powerful tool, you can closely analyze exactly who is your target audience. The data gathered will show you information on:

The age range of your typical user.
Which gender is most engaged in your business.
Whether your target audience uses desktop or mobile devices.
And many more!

Facebook Ads Are Worth A Try!
Hopefully this has informed you of the many ways you can use Facebook to market your business. Through Facebook’s Ad Manager tool, you can visualize exactly who is your target audience, what device they use the most, gender and age information, and many more! You can use this data to tailor designs and content for future advertising campaigns. Keep growing your business and let us know what tools have helped you market in the noisy world of social media!
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